About this journal

Yes, I consider this to be a journal – an open journal, it’s true, but a journal nonetheless. It’s meant to capture my quilting progress, but also my life experiences.

I started this blog back in 2009, mothballed it in 2012, and decided that for 2014 I would use it to track my quilting goal for the year – challenge. I set a mission for myself this year, to challenge myself to complete more quilts, to try more intricate and/or difficult designs, to learn to free motion quilt (FMQ), and I wanted to keep track of what I did on a daily basis. On a trip to the office supply store, I took a look at some calendars, which was my first thought on tracking progress. I figured I could just jot down what I worked on each day and mark off the days I actually did something in the studio, but after looking at the cost of the calendars on offer, and realizing their limitations, I considered doing a journal. I did start one, using a spiral notebook I had but then realized I probably wouldn’t keep up with it, and to track things the way I wanted to, I would have to use several pages for each quilt. Then I remembered this blog and I thought, why not use that?

I’m not starting this project hoping to attract a lot of readers, nor am I expecting it to get a lot of hits daily. It truly is a working journal of my progress. If it becomes something more, well … I guess that’s what happens. But if no one ever reads or comments, I will be ok with that, because I can come back here, take a look at where I started the year, what I did throughout the year, and where I ended the year and be ok with what the blog reflects – the year in a life of a quilter.

So … this is a blog about a quilter and a journey she embarked upon many years ago …

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