January 3, 2023

Tonight, I spent time cutting down comic book boards. Yesterday, I used my rotary cutter that I have for paper, but by the end of the day, my hand hurt so much, I could barely move it. Tonight, I used my paper cutter. It wasn’t the best option, but it kept me from buying another apparatus, and it did the job.

After work tomorrow, I want to go back into the studio and work some more on moving fabric from the Kallax unit to my cutting table. My goal is to have all the fabric moved by this weekend. Then I intend to start working on my closet so I can move the Kallax unit to my closet, and of course, hang my design wall.

Even though I haven’t done any actual sewing, I’m counting this as quilt time, because it will help me actually get to a point where I can start working on the projects I have waiting to be completed.

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