Somebody Stop Me!

Remember a few months ago when I wrote that I have a sewing machine problem? Well … Yeah. About that.

Stella, the Brother Innov-Is Stellaire XJ1

Now before you even think it, there’s nothing you can say that I haven’t said to myself. Or that someone else hasn’t said to me. But I really do not care. This machine is the machine to end all machines, at least for the foreseeable future. This is the Innov-Is Stellar XJ1, which is the step above the VM5200 (the newer model of my VM5100), and step below the top of the line Luminaire XP2. I did consider the XP2, because the store had some “open box” for a great price that had been used in a class they had a few months ago. Honestly, though, after doing my research, I have to say that the Stellaire ticks all the boxes, including several I didn’t know I were on the list, and gives me a lot of room to grow.

I’m not going to sing its praises or write a review in this post, because I have barely had time to get it set up in my studio. As you can see, with the accessory tray attached, it won’t even fit into my cabinet. Fortunately, I rarely keep the accessory trays on my machines, and I have already ordered a Sew Steady table for it, so I can take the accessory tray off when that arrives, and lower the machine into the cabinet. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to use this cabinet for this machine for long, though, because it is heavy, and my cabinet is old, and wasn’t designed to hold a machine like this. We got 60 month no interest financing (a misnomer, but more on that in another post), which I have plans to pay off much earlier. Once I get that paid off, or at least down to reasonable level, I will purchase a new cabinet.

Now I’m back to having four machines, which I really don’t need. Originally, I thought I would keep the two Brothers, and sell one of the Bernina machines, most likely the 570QE, because I just really have not bonded with it. The small Bernina would be a great travel/class machine, I thought. The more I think about it, though, the more I think that I might eventually sell both Bernina and buy a smaller Brother machine for travel and classes. It just seems a bit ridiculous to continue to spend money on feet for the Bernina, and all the costs associated with having two different brands of machine, when I have almost everything for the Brother machines that I need, and if I don’t have everything, the cost for new feet is a fraction of the price.

I’ve not really had a chance to sit down and work with the machine much yet, but I have hope for this weekend, when I have four days to sit and work. And hopefully, my new Sew Steady table will be here by then. So far, though, I’ve used the machine to piece part of the backing for the baby quilt, and I want to get that done pretty quickly. I’m planning to use the machine to quilt that same quilt with an edge to edge quilting design I’ve purchased from It’s super cute and works with this particular design very well.

As I work with the machine more over the coming weeks and months, I will keep you updated on my progress. For now, though, I am loving my new machine, and I look forward to many happy hours creating with it.

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