More Progress

Remember when I posted about my studio make over, and the mess that constitutes my fabric stash?

This is what it looks like today.

Close up:

I used the comic book cardboard inserts to wrap the fabric around, an idea I picked up … somewhere. I really cannot remember, but I’ve seen it done several times. What I haven’t seen is the explanation that these boards come in three sizes. I used the mid-sized boards, called Silver, and I used the corresponding bags to store fabric that was less than a yard. If I had known more about it when I went to get the boards, I would have bought the smallest sized bags (which fit current comic books) and the largest bags, called Gold, which fit the oldest books.

The top shelf is full of projects, either in the planning stage or UFO’s (UnFinished Objects). See the box on the second from the bottom shelf? That’s remnants – typically cuts of fabric I’ve used in other projects. And the two boxes on the top shelf are scraps from past projects. One day, I’ll use some of these to make a scrap quilt – not my favorite style of quilting, but still a necessary part of quilting, I’m coming to find, as my scrap/remnant collection grows.

I learned a few things as I organized the stash – I buy the same colors over and over again. Red, blue, purple, green and cream/white/tan are very well represented. And I apparently love both colorful prints on a black background (I have nine of these) and butterflies (I lost count of the prints with butterflies in them around 10 …). Not as well represented, but still there, is the color yellow. Almost no orange, which is about the only primary color that doesn’t appear in my stash. That might explain why I’m not too keen on painting the kitchen any shade of orange …

Well, now that the stash is organized, my studio is in better shape than ever, and I can’t really procrastinate any longer on Chris’s quilt. Besides, he and I have a wager about whether or not the quilt will be finished at any point in his lifetime. My Magic 8 Ball says, “Yes!”