I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

It’s been a really long time since I posted, and a lot has happened during that time, none of it quilting/sewing/studio related. But now I think things are settling down, and I’m back, for good this time, I hope. And in celebration of returning to one of my two favorite hobbies (the other fave being photography, of course), I decided to make over my studio. Trust me, it needed it. This time, I wanted to make it functional based on the way I work, not the way I think others would expect it to be. I’m pretty pleased with these initial results, and there is still quite a bit of work to be done, but I thought I would share anyway. Here are a few before shots – not all of these are what my studio looked like just before this make over. Some things were changed in the interim.

Studio - Old School

Studio before

Storage in Studio

As you can see, I was pretty heavy on storage, but … it never seemed like I really had a place to put anything. So we cleared out the studio, and then we started with a paint color. I’ve always been leary of painting the walls a color in my studio, mostly because I don’t want it to affect the way a fabric looks to me, or how fabrics blend with one another. So I chose something somewhat subtle, but still very nice. Enter Glidden’s Softest Juniper. I love it!

Kerstin helping me paint


And then I took two days moving furniture around – and in the process, ripped off my toe nail. Yep, it hurts. Nope, I’m not gonna show you – it looks pretty awful though.

Now, a few notes – nothing is on the walls yet, but will be soon. I hang my rulers on the wall, and a bulletin board, but not a great many other things. However, I am planning to hang some quilt hangers … more on that another time.

I don’t have enough room to keep my cutting table set up, so it’ll stay like that when I’m not using it. And I plan to get some comic book cardboards to store my fabric, as I’m not happy with it in it’s current state. It sure beats being in drawers, though. And there are still changes I want to make – like adding one more set of the mesh/wire drawers from the Container Store.

I’ll share some specifics about things I like – such as thread storage – in later posts. For now, though, happy quilting!